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nusuth loud stereo + this = The people I live with do not enjoy, but I do, oh I do. Favorite track: #5.


Brown Angel: "Vomiter/daemos"

This digital release includes the audio program from demo cassette issued in a limited edition of approximately 75 copies in 2005 and reissued in 2010 with additional track (a cover of "#5" by Arab On Radar.)

Exclusive to the digital release are five additional four-track demos of songs (dating back to mid-2005) that would later appear on the Brown Angel self-titled LP.

The entire run of "Vomitter" was duplicated and issued on recycled hand-painted, hand-lettered cassette tapes. Check www.crucialblast.net to order remaining physical copies.

1) Danava Bhanjana Rama
2) White Flight
3) Slugfucker (later retitled "Kirimibhojanam")
4) Your Life is Heaven
5) #5 (Arab on Radar) - available as separate track download

"Vomitter" Recorded December 10 in the Year of Our Lord 2005, Pittsbvrgh, Pa. Monoaural recording and master.

"#5" recorded 8-22-2006 live to four-track. Vocals tracked May 2010.

"Vomitter" originally released on Lost Tundra Records (LTR-005).

Brown Angel demos recorded using Tascam 424 four-track in 2005.


BROWN ANGEL Vomitter CASSETTE (Lost Tundra Recordings)
So far, this is the only release from this vile squad of mutants from the nuked-out side of Pittsburgh; the band might include members of Conelrad and Microwaves, but none of their other affiliations hint at the sonic scum that they create as Brown Angel. This tape features four tracks of fucked up, totally damaged industrial sludge and a cover, the original tracks a mixture of ULTRA low-fi industrial sludge scrape that's completely drenched in feedback and tape hiss, and mutant basement no-wave pummel that sort of comes off as a totally decomposed and washed-out take on the sort of hulking dirges that Swans pioneered. It's not heavy though, because the sound here is so incredibly low-fi, it all comes off intensely murky and hissy. The first track opens it up with the heavily corroded and murky blown-out melodic drone of a re-worked Indian melody, which ends up turning into a rusted rumbling throb by the end, laced with damaged sludge melodies and the aforementioned sheets of tape hiss. The following tracks ("White Flight", "Slugfucker", "Your Life In Heaven") are just as shit-fi and wrecked, if not more so, a grimy mess of growling, slobbering vocals and distant clanking caveman drums, growling bass and dissonant guitar buried under piles of garbage, swarming with howling feedback melodies and a weird omnipresent drone that sounds like it's emanating from some large piece of electrical equipment just out of view; at their most cohesive, this sounds vaguely like hearing some ancient live Swans recordings that were recorded onto an derelict micro cassette, buried in a sewer for a year or two, and then dug back up and dubbed off of a malfunctioning boombox. The tape closes with a mangled cover of Arab on Radar's "#5" that stands out for actually sounding like it was recorded on a piece of 20th century recording equipment, as well as being a punishing skronk-assault that sounds like Godflesh covering the AOR original with Kevin Tomkins delivering a PE style vocal assault over top. Be warned, this is ugly, ugly shit. Limited to 50 copies. (www.crucialblast.net)

Br0wn Angel
A few lists back, we reviewed the debut lp from Pittsburgh heavies Br0wn Angel (and yeah, that's brown with a zero, not an 'o'), a fantastic and fantastically heavy chunk of industrial metallic crunch, that reminded us of everyone from Swans to Godflesh to SUNNO))) to Jesu, a perfect blend of hazy washed out melody and lumbering Teutonic crush, rhythmic and ritualistic, even a little proggy/mathy at points. Well, the band got in touch with us, and sent us their VERY LAST copies of their first demo, the wonderfully titled Vomitter, and while the vibe is similar, the sound is definitely way more raw and lo-fi. The opening track is a surprisingly warm and dreamy bit of buzz drenched crumble, all glitchy and rapidly decaying, like the guys plugged their guitars directly into an old transistor radio with dying batteries, making it sound like some alien Appalachia, definitely reminding us of Amps For Christ, but the sound finally switches to something more in keeping with their lp, twisted shards of feedback, barely audible drum pummel, super distorted voices, the tape hiss and warped recording more prominent than the instruments themselves, the songs really only barely audible through the cloud of crunch and buzz and whir and rumble, the sound peaking, and those peaks becoming just another blown out rhythm. Not heavy so much as distorted to fucking high heaven, and in the process transformed into some sort of experimental textural rhythmic outsider drone-noise weirdness. They do an Arab On Radar cover too apparently, although you'd be hard pressed to tell.
We're digging this a lot, and imagining, that it might not be nearly so amazing sans the noise and sonic detritus. Features members of the Microwaves and Creation Is Crucifixion, and is already out of print, we have the last 7 or 8 copies. Each one hand painted.


released December 31, 2005

MacGregor: g,v | Roman: d | Rensland: abandoned oil tanker b



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Brown Angel Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Brown Angel is a post-everything trio from Pittsbvrgh, PA, U$A. RIYL noise rock raga, teutonic industrial aesthetic, Hellhammer-grade weaponized dub.

Roman: kit
MacGregor: guitar/vox
Rensland: bass gravity sink
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